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The first appearance of mother of God in Seredne Revelation of John the Theologian:

12 chapter 1, verse:
"And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet and on her head a crown of twelve stars."
21 Chapter 2 verse:
"And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband."
21 Chapter 27 verse:
"And do not enter it nothing is clear and no one committed abomination and not the truth, but only the ones written in the life of the Lamb. "
Patriarchal cross Revelation Serednyanske:
Mother of God said:" That lonely road to salvation in a happy eternity, and there is no other way will not: take this Saint Truth. Hurry up all the holy mountain, for it left little time: clear the tears of your soul sincere regret and repentance; put away their proud thoughts, unload your heart, do not walk in the sins of pregnant Humble Truth, put on the robe of the Immaculate Virgin Mary and be happy and rejoice in the Lord. We must accept the truth of God, the cross, baptism. For the cross - suffering, the lonely road of life. Cross - victory over evil, over sin and over the devil. Cross - the almighty power of God, and he will overcome the evil of the world. "
Saint Serednyanska Mountain - Center for the salvation of all mankind
The first appearance of Mother of God in Seredne

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Prophecy of the realized second coming of Jesus Christ in Seredne

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Serednyanski songs

First appearance of Our Lady in Seredne

Mother of God appeared the first time a simple one Bride. It was to Liturgy in Greek-Catholic priest - 20 December 1954. And the person intent on doing all the needs of the Catholic Church and prayed the rosary. During the dedication of Her rosary she got lost and had seen neither the priest nor the people present, and saw Mount Serednyansku that shone the world, and this revealed the Mount Mary. Mother of God was wearing a white dress, blue belt straddles, and on his head was a crown of 12 stars, who frowned on the whole world, with hands full of grace, which pop up with the noise of jets in the spring near which she stood.

Not only with her hands pop grace, but of the entire ITS Creatures. Around it all bushes like rain threw the grace of God. Mother of God was the boss, and his feet were White like snow. Mother of God looked at that person and a very sad voice said three times: "Daughter! Daughter! Daughter! See how much have I, but who do not have their hand out for my sons and daughters turned away from me. And this year is an anniversary, this is my holiday and I would like to make amnesty for poor sinners. Therefore, in this place I'm staying and I will give grace through this source and the water that flows here, because here I see the whole world of sinners. Who will come to this holy place, drink this water with faith, hope and love will change your life and will make atonement for their sins, then most would be black from the sins like resin and red as blood, most would have sins like leaves on a tree, or sand in the sea, I will forgive and heal the soul and body and shall not perish when death comes, and death is close, as in the days of Noah.

Mother of God said to go to the village priest assigned Dubovytsya to the feast of Our Lady of hallowed source and that source is clean and the place where the Mother of God was to put a statue of Our Lady as a sign for people to let people know where the Virgin Mary was . Mother of God said to hide everything in secret, even the priest will not talk about it, this is the Mother of God demanded. The vision disappeared, but the person did not know what happens to her, abundant tears flooded her face. It seemed that all look upon her that she is on fire because a fire of love filled her heart, that it has grown in the chest and ribs almost broke. Mother of God said to hide it in secret. After the Divine Liturgy and the person came to the priest and said that the Mother of God demanded that the feast of Our Lady sanctify source. The priest thought it was the anniversary of Our Lady and said: "I think and say." And the person went to the place where the Mother of God appeared, though the place is not known and there never was, knelt down and kissed the place where the Virgin Mary became his foot and prayed to the needs of the Rosary Catholic Church for priests, monks and the whole leadership of the Church.

As she prayed, the source was very noisy, She knew that not a common source, but extraordinary that it is the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and Nine fruits of the Holy Spirit. As the wind blew, the drops of water falling on it, as pearls, and sand was throwing as gold. And the person has prayed to the Holy Mother of God has been good weather and the priest did not refused to consecrate the source. 22 December 1954 on the Feast of Mother of God of the Immaculate Conception and the person went to the priest and asked again to hallowed source. The priest replied: "I will go after the Liturgy,". I have prepared a book for the consecration of the source. During the consecration was 16 persons as witnesses of honor varty. This moment was mysterious. Sky unified with the Earth. All mountain frowned as if covered with snow, and snow at the time was not. Priest of Christ the King, whom the Virgin Mary had chosen a solemn science. Every word penetrated his soul like a needle and lifted to heaven. Present people were taken and did not know whether they are in heaven or on earth. Itself Holy Spirit spoke by the mouth of the Holy priest. Spirit like a dove circled on bill heads facing down. Many angels appeared and sang aloud. Holy Spirit blessed the place for Queen of Heaven and Earth will be here to stay and give her grace.

And two people who got to not miss the place, though well aware of it, because such a thick mist covered the Holy Hill, which is not seen nothing, though many candles shone on the Hill. A Holy is the Lord did his force, to not hurt enemies from near the town Voinyliv. This appearance of the Mother of God - complete appearances in Lourdes and Fatima, has the most epoch-making significance. Mother of God became famous for thousands of healings and soul of Christ body. Holy Father Pope Pius XII confirmed this appearance in 1957, as Vatican Radio broadcast in different languages ​​to the whole world.I not only confirmed because 1951 year being in union with the Holy Spirit with God's inspiration, he heard the words spoken to him: "Christ the King of Galicia (Ukraine) nominate Exarch of the Greek Catholic Church." Given the fact that he did not know about anyone talking about, then pressed the Holy Spirit to show that person. Audience was visual, the pope blessed him, adopted him and gave Exarch Exarchate of Ukraine, and is all recorded in the papal document. In early 1954 being seriously ill, Pope Pius XII gathered secret conclave of cardinals limited number of trusted (yet in his life) and held a solemn procedure metropolitan government in Ukraine on the legal canon according to the guidelines of God's eternal plan of Providence. Prospective Pontiff blessed Christ the King, whom the Holy Spirit made Exarch of the Greek Catholic Church - as announced Pope Pius XII, then recorded in the papal document.

The Cardinals did not believe the Pope rebelled decision to move the church authorities to Ukraine. The Cardinals felt that the Pope made a mistake because of his illness, thought that in Ukraine there is nothing worthy of God and man, demanded that the Pope reversed his decision, but the Pope of Rome and would not think. They decided to kill the Pope to choose another, which would be continued to power in Rome as Pope poison October 9, 1958.

Breve assurances of Pope Pius XII

Papa Pius Pius XII We know that the Immaculate Mother of conceive, Virgin Mary Mother of God came to Earth to Ukraine in Seredne by an average of salvation and destruction before the end of the world. We know what brought us, and gave more willing, and very glad and applaud what is and what we have, and that we have everything and give myself to her hand. Only sorry and sad that the Mother of God did not get proper reception, which lost its image here, the identity, respect and humanity.

Revelation Serednyanske

What does Serednyanska Mountain mean?

In 1955 at harvest time that person had big obstacles. But it pulled Serednyansku go to Holy Hill. And she was gone. There were a few people. Together they prayed prayer in honor of Our Lady Rosary and to the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady of the intentions which the Virgin Mary herself wants. This person was with people near the source. And some supernatural desire pulled her to go to the cave. And she was gone.
Kneeled and prayed and asked Jesus and Mary got to explain what it means to this mountain, this mountain or bring us good, and that will be accomplished through it?
Because he knows the beginning, but does not know who would end. When the person asked whether he heard the voice of the Holy Spirit, or Mother of God: "Rome will be destroyed, the Pope will be killed. And in this mountain exalted Rome. Faith has spread around the Catholic world. "
I will update people. Spirit of Truth has to climb over all evil. And on this mountain will gather people around the world. Though they were sinners who, whatever were black as pitch, and red as blood, whatever the sinners will go on if this mount not only body but also soul, thoughts, go with faith, hope, with hope, with humble heart, and they will love, and be so large that burn their iniquities and happily accept atonement for their sins, as wil relive in mind, such can have access to forgiveness of sins and God's great mercy. On a clear Serednyanskiy grief when people gather and unite, then comes the peace of God and love, and be of one heart, one word comes and one shepherd and one flock:
"Only such wil be hidden of destruction, which will ship in one of Christ on the right side of St. Peter, when the truth and faith in Christ."
This person was very thinking and hurt her most about the destruction of Rome and the Pope's murder, because it is not clear. I asked the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is explained. Then she heard the voice of Jesus Christ, where with great pain said:
"I have nothing came to this earth and took human flesh and suffered and died and shed blood. For my next left me. I trample the truth and distort my law. She went my faith, coming priests who obey Rome and acknowledged Christ and the gifts of the Holy Spirit drew from the well of living waters, and they have betrayed God and his people put out their lamps on God's fields of labor to God. And lying spirit defiled their bowels. And a defile their sons and daughters and the flock of Christ, and so is fall of Rome, because they trample the faith and righteousness of God, and kill the Pope spiritually, klevechut, laugh with him. "