Lord said: " Kin of man I called you on the mountain of God for four of the world: it was my voice, I know myself and know God. I would be your father, and you to be my children, I will spare you and put my hand Mercy: I want you to give eternal life. " "Those who heard as I live for ages in age, had heard my voice and know me" I will bless them and be with me to reign for ever and ever, Amen. "They heard my voice and were against me, and do not know yourself and not know God, you no longer hear my voice and not see my greatness and my beauty and not consume the fruit of the tree of life, and they rest anger.

        Mother of God said: "Do all to the holy mountain, because little time is left: cleanse his soul sincere tears of pity and patience, put their proud thoughts, remove goods from your heart, do not walk in the sins of pregnant Humble True, wear blameless conceive Virgin Mary and rejoice, and rejoice in the Lord. "