Lord said: "When the Earth has souls without supernatural life - holy grace was dead, whereas in Ukraine at all soul ruins, all in their native homeland, reigned Spirit of God Wisdom. This bride - blameless conceive Presentation Blessed Virgin Mary and Mother of God and human kind in SECOND place coming of God - the word in the body to the Earth - God opened his mouth, then opened the heavens and shown the wonders and miracles of all miracles of miracles, the truth of it from heaven - Emmanuel Christ is Risen!"
        Happened in Ukraine Lord says:that in the Slavic tribe, the Ukrainian people, remained in a world Yeseya Root - David, God's pedigree in the old, ancient, illustrious, noble, royal family in Seredne, in family of Nicholas carpenters and Mary, and the hidden life that issued two roots of Jesus and the Mother of God, Emmanuel Anna idea of ideas, Pantokrator, Winner of all forces of hell. Death-Death. Anna-year, and Anna all ages. / Alfa / - First without beginning and / Omega / - Last without end. This is the God of Genesis, boundless infinity, infinite eternity, eternity infinity.